Alias ยท 2018
A snug furnishing solution designed for thinking, reflecting and meditating. An authentic project signed by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba design firm for Alias, which puts people at the centre of its research and becomes a proper island on which to enjoy moments of relaxation.

The elegant and sophisticated design trait of Ludovica + Roberto Palomba is reflected in the light and airy aesthetic running through the entire project.

Slim and tapered, the leg is made of die-cast aluminium and continues, uninterruptedly, to form the frame of the upholstered element. An uncompromising geometrical element, which secures the interwoven elastic webbing supporting the soft geometrically shaped cushions.

Designed for home interiors and hospitality applications, AluZen stands out for its amazing formal purity and technological content, in perfect synchrony with the Alias DNA: an identity which, rather than deriving from the product type, is one of design consistency.