Artemide · 2018
“An organic synthesis of imaginary spaceships – a cross between liana and architecture – in short, an organic graphic light of alien forms that are constructed with different modules to generate wholly unexpected scenarios where light and the illuminated object become one.” Ludovica + Roberto Palomba
Arrival is a complete lamp family with dynamic, flowing shapes that sculpt light with delicate, graphic lines.Branching out from a central joint, common to all the different versions, each model has three arms that form a soft, organic geometric shape through a profile that is both light and structure.Each element has a section that leaves the aluminium profile visible from the outside while generating a light-diffusing surface inside.The resulting elements blend into spaces with a presence that is discreet yet distinctive thanks to the shape and quality of the softly diffused light.These are elegant lighting tools, perfect for use in multiple series or for combining the different versions together depending on the requirements of the installation spaces.