Waves collection
Fiam · 2018
Fix or extendible table with base made of two separate 30 mm DV Glass elements, transparent or with colored stripes. Top available in 12 or 15 mm transparent glass, back-lacquered with monochrome finishes, or hand-finished with Ecomalta, finer-grained texture finish.
Big Wave
Fiam · 2019
Waves Collection by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba explore new solutions within the Waves collection, a family of tables and coffee tables made with the innovative DV Glass® to obtain objects with a deeply three-dimensional design. The ambition for a total living project characterized by the use of this glassy material, finds its natural evolution in new configurations, as the round top Big Wave, conceived also in the version that contrasts the elements of the glass base with a top in Canaletto walnut, and the new Waves console, that offers the beauty of its overlapped glass capturing the eye of the observer and inviting to the touch.