Kartell by Laufen collection
Bathroom project · 2013

Best Elle Decor Russia · 2014
EDIDA Elle Decoration International Design award · 2014
Wallpaper Design Award [UK] · 2014
Casa Vogue Brasil: Best Design · 2013
A complete bathroom project inspired by the iconic design of Kartell together with the quality of Laufen.

Together they have given life to this project, bringing a new and innovative concept for the bathroom to the international market. A collaboration is a labour of love, but it also has its challenges. That is why a lot start but only the best last.
It's a New Dialogue

Despite involving semantically opposite universes, it is based on agreeing on a word. A concept. This is the key that opens all design doors, as well as those for fashion and architecture. Excitement.

An unprecedented collection that takes its place on the market stage as an aspirational project with great persuasive capacity. For the free zone of the house – the bathroom – where the senses yield to the emotions. Kartell by Laufen, the bathroom that was not, was born, a fresh and innovative project inspiring the bathroom furnishings market.

It’s an Integrated Architecture

With design and total quality as its watchwords, the Kartell by Laufen bathroom takes shape as an interconnected ecosystem where washbasins, sanitaryware, taps and fittings, storage units, shower bases, bathtubs, lights and accessories coexist with the maximum flexibility.

The idea was to give emotion to a function. Helping the transformation of a space into architecture. A liveable dream, with sophisticated yet affordable aesthetics, chic yet understated.

It’s a Chameleon
Changing appearance to meet transversal taste requirements: feelings that change like bathroom styles do. A collection adaptable to various personalities, while maintaining amazing quality and design coherency.

It’s Ecological
Materials with both stunning performance and that help reduce consumption. Respect for the environment, the recyclability of materials, the need to waste neither energy nor water, to limit Co2 emissions during transport. A concrete response: the imperishable ceramics of Laufen, the indestructible plastic of Kartell.

It’s Innovative
Technology has enabled Kartell to beautify the plastic materials to sight and touch and Laufen to revolutionise ceramics by making it a mutating material. Introduced in the new Kartell by Laufen bathroom is the revolutionary SaphirKeramik, a material that allows performance characteristics that were unthinkable until today. A material twice-as-strong, more ecological and thinner than ceramic.

It’s Global
The Kartell by Laufen bathroom aims to become first choice when talking about the bathroom on the global stage. Directed at professionals and architects from all over the world, its aesthetic flexibility and economic affordability make it particularly suited to satisfying the needs of a contract supplies market. Qualities that make it well suited to meeting the tastes of consumers of all latitudes.