Maserati Suite at Hotel de Paris
Interior design
Montecarlo ยท 2016

When designing a building, a city, a road or a car that runs it there are hundreds or even thousands the factors of complexity that involve the project. And just taking into account this complexity we designed the Maserati suite for the Hotel de Paris of Montecarlo with the goal to translate the Maserati style into a real experience.

The inspiration to the project is the holistic completeness of the brand and also because " the perception of space is multisensory" the concept of the project’s to translate the Maserati experience in living through the involvement of all the senses.

The Maserati suite’s consistent to its DNA, sober, elegant and at the same time unique and rich in tangible accents of knowhow and in what ambassador in the world of Italianisms all companies involved in the project represent the excellence of knowing how to do , by the quality and variety of materials , the exclusive treatments, the mix of values that create the tactile sensuality.