Lockdown Dialogues Project
Designed @ Home 4 Home
Zanat ยท 2020

A special collection of small objects which were designed during the recent lockdown period. When we conceived of these objects the aim was to improve the functional and emotional experiences of living at home, aiming to create objects that one can treasure for a lifetime and hopefully pass these treasures to the heirs.

The Piano Folding Tables, represent a rare combination of Ikea-style convenience and functionality on one hand with refined craftsmanship and quality representative of luxury artisanal objects on the other.

These beautiful, easy to fold and stow away tables are a perfect facilitator for special feel-at-home rituals.

The Stonehenge Stool, was inspired by ancient, small stools found across different cultures in multitude of designs, most often conceived by the maker. These tactile objects have an intrinsic appeal probably because they provide a gateway to the maker’s hands and soul. The essence of such objects inspired the design of this stool, which brings together sculptural arts and refined craftsmanship in an object that could equally be seen Japanese, African or Western because it speaks directly to our deeply rooted sense of home and belonging.

The Play & Burn candle holders are quite possibly the most engaging and playful candle holders in existence. The idea behind this product was to connect buyers with designers, craftsman and materials and to add a touch of warmth and light to one’s home. The play begins after opening the box and discovering the hand-carved wooden pieces, which need to be put together to create a candle holder to one’s own liking.