Zucchetti. Kos · 2016

ADI Design Index [Italia] · 2018
Designer Kitchen and Bathroom Awards / Innovation in Bathroom Product · 2018

Lightweight and easy to handle, with appealing and unexpected aesthetics, it provides the experience of a variable intensity hydrotherapy massage thanks to 5 different experiences.‎
WaterCandy, can also be used for massaging the body as well as its normal function.‎
Thanks to the handy strap on the back you can easily hold the shower and enjoy the benefits of the massage.‎ Like an ideal extension of your hand, the water is free to dance in space, to follow the body and choose its distance, or completely cancel it with nozzles directly on the skin.‎ Its small handy shape allows WaterCandy to exploit the hydrotherapeutic properties of water for anti-stress relaxation; at the same time it stimulates an awakening of vital energies, thanks to jets of different intensity and flow that can be adjusted according to your needs.‎

Ironic and minimalistic, WaterCandy is an appealing object that is amazingly easy to use and comfortable to hold.‎ With a touch of contemporary design, this new hand shower becomes the undisputed star of any bathroom.‎
The evolution of the project does not start with the conventional idea of a hand shower, but from a much wider vision of its use.‎ Round, and ergonomic, with a sensual feel, WaterCandy is designed by the hand that holds it, becoming its natural extension to fulfil the desires of the user.‎