Unexpected Rainbow
Karpeta + Texturae ยท 2019
The products by Karpeta and Texturae not only redesign the interiors, but also create a narrative experience aimed at transforming the environment, modelling the set to make it the protagonist. The activity of Texturae and Karpeta is based on aesthetic research and qualitative excellence of the products; in each of the collections, designers and artists can express their creativity with inspirations from their personal sensibility, having the opportunity to work in small or large dimensions, and experimenting with the use and combination of various techniques.
Antitesi, is the series of wallpapers that explores the theme of opposites: dimensions, materials, different gestures that come into contact dividing
the space of a wall. The patterns, breaking at half height, give voice to the continuous desire to experiment and find new perspectives to perceive
the products: the soft, hand-drawn signs of the upper part collide with
the decisive, graphic patterns of the lower part. This contrast is further accentuated by the decision not to use colours other than black and white.